MV Milk was opened in 1982 by Peter and Scott Madden.

MV Milk was originally established in response to the demise of the Milk Marketing Board. (M.M.B.). The purpose was to take over the supply, service and maintenance of the refrigerated milk dispensers. This had been part of the M.M.B. support for all the major dairies. Initially this was achieved on a purely rental basis, as was the standing arrangement with the M.M.B.

Over the years, the system has changed.  MV Milk has now become a buying group,  specialising in serving the foodservice sector . This is achieved in partnership with leading dairy companies local to you.

Customers enjoy far more competitive pricing on all their dairy goods thanks to the purchasing power of MV Milk.

MV Milk specialise in the supply of dairy and food products to the catering trade.

We have been working with the dairy industry for over 30 years, sourcing the best dairy that suits your requirements, from time of delivery, products, brands and costing.

Central Billing

Providing a bespoke billing service to suit your needs, pulling together multiple delivery sites to produce a unique billing format to suit your requirements. Together with bespoke reporting to help you control your budget and costs. You will have your own account manager who will deal with everything on your behalf.

UK Call Centre

Providing one central number in the UK for all of your queries. Our telesales staff can help with queries including quotes and invoicing questions. You will speak to a friendly voice that understands the requirement of your business.

UK Coverage

As there is not one national milk supplier to serve everyone, MV Milk has pulled together all the major milk producers, as well as local farmer deliveries, under the same roof. This has enabled us to provide your business the ability to fix their costs regardless of location. Offering a choice of delivery times and a dairy that suits your needs. With our experience and purchasing power we ensure your business enjoys a far more competitive buying price on all their dairy goods from one central point.

We pride ourselves on offering bespoke packages, for each individual business with flexible terms. Whether you are looking for a complete purchasing solution across all sectors or have a specific requirement, MV Milk Ltd should be a key partner as the buying group for your business.