Fresh Cream
Single Cream284ml / 568ml / 2.27 litre / 5 litre
Double Cream284ml / 568ml / 2.27 litre / 5 litre
Whipping Cream2.27 litre / 5 litre
Organic Double Cream2.27kg
UHT Cream
Single Cream250ml / 1 litre
Double Cream250ml / 1 litre
Whipping Cream250ml /  1 litre
Real Dairy Aerosol Cream50g
UHT Half Cream Portions120 x 12ml
Cream Products
Creme Fraiche2kg
Set Soured Cream2kg
Clotted Cream454g / 1kg
Buttermilk1 Litre / 5kg

MV Milk and Dairy  offer a large variety of cream products.

Sizes range from individual small pots to large catering options.

Products include Fresh cream, UHT cream, creme fraiche, soured cream, clotted cream and buttermilk.