NuVu Life Shakes & Desserts

a new view on nutrition

Nuvu are nutritional supplements that can help people suffering from malnutrition, who also find it hard to keep a healthy weight from their natural diet.
The Nuvu products help to keep individuals hydrated and nourished when alternatives are not working.

With the extra balanced nutrients the Nuvu products have been proved to help malnourished people  reduce health complications such as infections would breakdown by 70% and mortality by 40%. The essential nutrition and hydration given by the NUVU products can result in a better quality of life.


Why buy Nuvu

High in Zinc
Zinc helps to support a healthy immune system
Zinc is needed for mental performance and function
Zinc helps maintain strong bones

High in Selenium
The low levels of selenium in the soil have resulted in insufficient selenium levels across the UK population
Selenium helps to support a healthy immune system
Selenium is essential for the proper function of the thyroid gland

High in Magnesium
Magnesium helps to regulate sugar balance and blood pressure
Magnesium is important for good muscle function
Magnesium has antioxidative properties and prolongs the ageing process

High in Vitamin B6
32% of adults over the age of 51 are deficient in vitamin B6
Vitamin B6 deficiency has been associated with cognitive decline
Vitamin B6 is necessary to maintain energy and general vitality

High in Vitamin B12
The ageing population poorly absorb vitamin B12 due to decreased stomach acidity
Vitamin B12 is needed to keep the nervous system healthy
Vitamin B12 helps to maintain cognitive performance as you get older

High in Vitamin D3
92% of adults between the ages of 51 – 70 years are deficient in vitamin D3
this is mainly a result of less exposure to sunlight
Vitamin D3 helps to maintain muscle function in the ageing population.

Nuvu shakes are a balanced shake comprising of high protein and high calorific drink fortified with a unique combination of vitamins and minerals.

The shake is an ideal daily option for people who have difficulties in swallowing.

Ideally to used as a breakfast snack or post activity drink offering a multitude of extra nutrients not found in normal breakfast products.

Due to the requirement for  more nourishment in recovery from illness and post- operative ailments Nuvu shakes offer high calories and protein including  the added vitamins and minerals  which aid boosting a persons immunity.

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Nuvu Life Dessert is a high calorie, protein rich dessert  which is enriched with vitamins and minerals.

A daily recommendation of one to two 50g servings to be taken daily with regular meals.

How to prepare the shakes and desserts